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Walton’s Distillery has begun producing and distributing sanitizer in an effort to help combat further spread of COVID-19.

Officer Manager Kristen Jones said the moonshine producer had the idea to switch from stills to sanitizer after receiving several calls.

“We actually were contacted in the beginning of this happening when all the stores and suppliers started running out,” she said. “We were also contacted by New Hanover Regional Medical Center and they asked if we could do this

“We knew how important this was and we knew we needed to start helping out with this.”

Jones said Walton’s is “taking our moonshine recipe prior to putting it in jars through columns” to manufacture a high-proof alcohol that “can be used for sanitizing purposes,” and as a cleaning product.

Walton’s has donated its sanitizer to the medical communities, Jones said.

“We’ve had quite a few people already in Onslow send somebody out,” she said. “We’ve gotten a couple of retirement communities to pick them up as well so that they can get them to the people who need them. Anyone who deals with a lot of people on regular bases, this can be used to cleaning purposes but it is also safe for your hands. But as a hand sanitizer, you may want to use a lotion afterwards.”

The company has completely switched from spirited production to sanitation “for the time being,” Jones said.

“This really isn’t anything anybody prepared themselves for,” Jones said. “It’s a day by day thing. We plan on being here until we are told we cannot be here.”

Walton’s can be contacted at 910-347-7770 or visit their website at waltonsdistillery.com.

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