Our products are available throughout North Carolina in the ABC stores.  Go to your local ABC store and ask the Clerk where the Walton’s is.  If your local ABC store doesn’t carry our products then please ask them to order and stock it.  If you have problems accessing our products let us know and we’ll do what ever we can (legally) to help you. Be sure to visit our Recipes page for some serving ideas.

Junior Walton's Premium SelectTM
Junior Walton's Premium Select - our traditional family moonshine barrel aged to perfection!
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Junior Walton's Pine Shine Colada
Junior Walton's Pine Shine ColadaTM
Inspired by the Caribbean, sand, smell of sun tan lotion and a warm tropical breeze, try this product,...
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Salted Caramel
Mag Walton's Salted Caramel MoonshineTM
Another good reason to cheat on your low-salt diet! Mag Walton’s Salted Caramel MoonshineTM is certainly...
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Peach Shine
Mag Walton's Peach ShineTM
You simply have to try our Mag Walton’s Peach ShineTM.  We make this product in our Distillery in Jacksonville,...
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Junior Walton's Carolina Moonshine
Junior Walton's Authentic Carolina MoonshineTM
We hope that you will try Junior Walton’s Authentic Carolina MoonshineTM. It’s made just as it has been...
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Kitty Walton's Apple Pie Moonshine
Kitty Walton’s Apple Pie MoonshineTM
Have you tried our Apple Pie MoonshineTM yet? Kitty Walton’s Apple Pie MoonshineTM is made right here...
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