E.M. Walton’s Corn WhiskeyTM is made at our facility from water drawn from a limestone well and utilizing local grains grown here in southeastern North Carolina. Water from a limestone well is very conducive to making whiskey. We run all of our water through a reverse osmosis filtration system before use.

We distill our E.M. Walton’s Corn WhiskeyTM five (5) times. The final distillation is done in a pot still that has a lot of copper surface. We believe the copper has a positive effect on the taste and aroma of the spirit.

After distillation the spirit is subjected to toasted Appalachian oak chips for a period of two (2) months. The oak chips are toasted to the point that the wood actually caramelizes, drawing the inner flavors to the outer surface, but no matter, the whiskey works in and out of the chips picking up the tones of the toasted oak. The chips actually filter some of the esters that might have slipped through distillation. The toasted chips also give our whiskey it’s signature deep-amber color.

Afterwards, the whiskey is cut with well-drawn water to 80 proof and filtered through a three-stage filtration system before bottling.

We do our best to imitate the smoothness of bourbon. It is the product of years of research and months of trial and error. Try our E.M. Walton’s Corn WhiskeyTM and we think that you will agree that is one of the smoothest, tasteful products on the market.


For serving suggestions please check out the recipes below or just be creative! 

Got a favorite? Send it along to us and we’ll test it out and add it to our stash!