We hope that you will try Junior Walton’s Authentic Carolina MoonshineTM. It’s made just as it has been for generations right here in Onslow County. No shortcuts, just darn good Moonshine. The recipe we use has been in the family for generations and it is made in small batches to control quality and consistency. A lot of the Moonshine products on the market are neutral grain spirits, produced in bulk. We don’t do that here. It comes in our facility in a bag and leaves in a jar.

Pick up a jar. It’s available throughout North Carolina at all ABC stores. Just ask the Clerk at the store where the Walton’s is. If you have trouble finding our Shine let us know.


For serving suggestions please check out the recipes below or just be creative! 

Got a favorite? Send it along to us and we’ll test it out and add it to our stash!