Have you ever tasted barrel aged moonshine? Now is your chance! We took our own Junior Walton’s Authentic Carolina MoonshineTM and put it in new charred oak barrels and let it age for no less than one year. The result turned out to be a smooth amber finish spirit with it’s own unique taste that we just can’t compare.

This recipe is topped off at 101 proof alcohol and available in 750ml sized bottles. Junior Walton’s Premium SelectTM won best in taste at the 2019 Denver International Spirits Competition in the moonshine category.

Try out Junior Walton’s PremiumTM select today. It is currently available for purchase in the distillery or from your local ABC store. You won’t be disappointed.



For serving suggestions please check out the recipes below or just be creative! 

Got a favorite? Send it along to us and we’ll test it out and add it to our stash!